Investing in future generations

The secret to a great society, the ancient Greeks understood, is to plant trees we ourselves will never sit under.


That philosophy is what inspires those who so generously fund Marsden’s development:  they are people who believe we have no greater responsibility than giving children the best possible start in life. 

Day of Giving

In 2019 Marsden undertook a new fundraising initiative. Supported by Charidy, an online fundraising consultancy, we had 24 hours to raise $150,000 to support Visible Wellbeing™. During this time every dollar donated was quadrupled. With the help of our amazing Marsden community, we raised well in excess of our target.  Thank you to everyone involved.

Jane Goodall Science and Community Garden

Transforming the area outside the Science Labs into a Garden of Learning and Wellbeing is a special ongoing project undertaken by the Marsden Parents Association. The Marsden Family Wall and Garden was officially opened on Sunday 9 April 2017 and features three glass panels etched with current Marsden student's names and dates they were at Marsden. 


On 21 May 2019 world renowned primatologist and scientist, Dr Jane Goodall visited Marsden as part of her 'Rewind the Future' NZ Tour. Together with members of the Marsden Roots & Shoots group Dr Jane planted a Feijoa tree in the Science garden which has been renamed in her honour the "Jane Goodall Science and Community garden".

Dr Jane Goodall plants a feijoa tree

Dr Jane Goodall plants a feijoa tree

Te Manawa o Te Kura - the heart of the school

The largest and most significant fundraising focus in recent years has been the new building, Te Manawa o Te Kura, on the Karori campus.  This spectacular building has won several awards and was officially opened by the Prime Minister, John Key on 11 May 2016.  


While it was a difficult decision to replace the much loved, but earthquake-prone, 1926 building the result is an inspiring, light-filled construction with Learning Studios, foyer and iCentre. Staff, students and visitors are enjoying using all aspects of these superb new facilities.

Exterior of Te Manawa o Te Kura, the heart of Marsden school

Exterior of Te Manawa o Te Kura, the heart of Marsden school

We thank all those who have contributed to our wonderful new building, particularly to those generous financial supporters who stand behind the leading education Marsden provides.

Foyer of Te Manawa o Te Kura, the heart of Marsden school

Foyer of Te Manawa o Te Kura, the heart of Marsden school

Community Development Director

Martine Foster
Community Development Director
(04) 476 8707

We continue to look for support to further enhance what we offer to our students. Contact our Community Development Director, Martine Foster for more information about how you can help.



Helping fund our facilities is an investment in all of our pupils, but—if you prefer—you can support one pupil specifically. Scholarships make a Marsden education possible for those who could not otherwise achieve it.   


Contact our Community Development Director, Martine Foster for more information about how you can help with scholarships. 


If you are considering what kind of legacy you would like to leave, please have a confidential conversation with our Community Development Director, Martine Foster.

Father-Daughter Breakfasts and Mother-Daughter Dinners

Father-Daughter Breakfasts and Mother-Daughter Dinners have become a very enjoyable tradition at Marsden with events held at every year level in the Upper School. 


These are informal occasions and an opportunity for Dads and Mums together with their daughters to meet socially in their year groups and share common interests. Parents are joined by our Principal, Leadership Team, Form Teachers and Deans.