Year 8 students planting at Ian Galloway Park

Ad Summa

‘Ad Summa’, the Marsden motto, means ‘Aim for the Highest’ and that is precisely why parents, pupils - and our staff - choose Marsden School. Together, we create a high performance environment. Marsden is a community, a positive, supportive, family where excellence is expected and encouraged. Everyone is here to do their be their best.

The Ultimate Goal

‘Aim for the Highest’ begins with academic achievement and co-curricular performance, but extends well beyond it. Marsden is much more than a step up to university and a career. We believe the ultimate goal of education is to lay the foundation for a life of meaning, accomplishment and genuine happiness.

Four Pillars

Our philosophy - the ‘Marsden Spirit’ we call it - stands on four pillars: Excellence, Resilience, Creativity and Giving. These are the qualities we seek to develop through everything we do: these are what give Marsden alumni the ‘grit and grace’ that sets them apart from others and sets them up for everything life brings.

Christian Values

Marsden School is part of the Anglican Diocese of Wellington and open to children of all faiths and cultures. In a secular society, we are guided by Christian values and a belief in spirituality - that there is more to life than just existing.