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Annual Service Trip to Fiji

The four pillars / Ngā pou e whā

Our philosophy - the ‘Marsden Spirit’ we call it - stands on four pillars: 

Excellence / Hiranga

Marsden Schools are high-performance environments where Excellence is expected and everyone aspires to be the best they can be in their academic and co-curricular pursuits. Marsden students achieve exceptional NCEA results.

Resilience / Manahau

Those who can pick themselves up and keep going have the greatest chance of personal happiness and success. Resilience is the explicit focus of a number of our programmes.

Creativity / Auahatanga

The ability to think outside the square, to respond to the challenges of today in innovative ways, to find new ways of working, thinking and living is vital to a successful future.

Giving / Oha

It is important for our students to be aware of their place in the local and global community. Consideration for others is fostered through our programmes.