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Students working at animal shelter as part of their service towards Year 8 William Pike Challenge

The Marsden Vision

The Marsden School vision is to lay the foundation for lives of meaning, accomplishment and happiness, in a rapidly changing world.

The Marsden Mission

To bring our vision to reality Marsden's young people will benefit from an exceptional education in a warm, supportive Christian based environment.


We bring our vision to reality through the four Pillars:


Excellence, Resilience, Creativity and Giving.


And ...

... we build and nurture our Marsden community, the "Marsden Family" - our past, present and prospective students, parents, wider Whānau and staff.


And ...

... we provide a positive, supportive environment. We listen to and respect our community's needs and communicate effectively.

Our Values

Our unique Marsden spirit is tangible. It is how we do what we do.


Our values are the qualities we (students, staff, Board members and those working in the interest of Marsden i.e. the Marsden Parents' Association and the Old Girls' Association etc) express and use on a daily basis:


Excellence - we have high expectations, we do the best we can in everything we do.


We show:

Grit - determination, courage and effort

Grace - kindness, empathy and integrity

Happiness - passion, purpose and delight



We are:

Positive, nurturing, encouraging and respectful

Professional, yet welcoming and friendly

Leaders and innovators



Friendship and Family - we care for each other and the wider community



Marsden, Lifelong