The Remote Learning Plan explained

Marsden School’s Remote Learning Plan ensures that learning can continue at Marsden should we go into an Alert Level that requires Remote Learning for students. The campus was closed from 24 March 2020 and Remote Learning continued until 18 May 2020, and it has just been closed again effective 18 August 2021. Below is an outline of what our Remote Learning looks like.


In these unprecedented times we are all learning, adapting and adopting different terminology that is relevant to our remote learning ‘new normal’. Some of the terminology that we are using at Marsden is as follows:

Self-Managed Learning Menu

Our Preschool and Primary students will have a daily learning menu of online and offline activities which will be published each day by 9am. Our teachers will be planning effective daily learning and regularly connecting with students virtually.


Our Year 7 – 13 students will be doing both Synchronous and Asynchronous learning.

Synchronous Learning (SL)

Year 7 – 13 teachers and students will meet online in real time through video conferencing or live chatting on our Google platform. There will be an expectation that all students attend timetabled SL classes unless an absence email has been received. Teachers will keep their roll.

Asynchronous learning (AL)

Year 7 – 13  teachers will create learning experiences for students to work at their own pace, absorb content and present their work in novel and innovative ways. Teachers will provide guidance and feedback through our Google platform.

Remote Learning Timetable

Year 7 – 13 students will have a Remote Learning weekly timetable for their Synchronous Learning and will self-manage their Asynchronous learning around this. There will be guidelines for including a daily 30 minute ‘Marsden Moves’ session and a ‘Wellbeing Window’. Form time/tutor time and virtual assemblies will be built into the remote learning timetable.


For timetables and guides for parents and students see Timetables, Forms & Resources.

Pastoral care and wellbeing

Our pastoral care continues during term time. Counsellor Sarah Richards (Thurs – Fri) and Clinical Psychologist Kerry Schiff (Mon – Wed) are available to talk to via phone and Google Meet. Please email them if you or your family needs them. You can also contact the school Nurse Janet Callaghan on 021 442 070 (for non-related COVID-19 matters) and Chaplain Sarah King via email. For COVID-19 related health matters please contact the Healthline.


Our staff are all on board during office hours. If you have any questions please touch base with your daughter's teacher (Primary), form teacher/tutor or Dean (Years 7-13), or contact Jo Sherlock Primary Administrator, Jennifer Ioannou Director of Primary or Helen McConnell Head of Preschool via email.


If your enquiry is of an urgent nature you can also contact us on (04) 476 8707.

Years 7–13 Deans

  • Jennifer Ioannou, Dean Years 7/8
  • Rebecca George, Associate Dean Year 7
  • Jane Hazelton Associate Dean Year 8
  • Caroline Robertson Dean Years 9-13
  • Sarah Wirth, Associate Dean Year 9
  • Anita Stark, Associate Dean Year 10
  • Carolyn Towell, Associate Dean Year 11
  • Tracey Allen, Associate Dean Year 12

Please find our Staff Directory here.

Advice regarding NCEA assessments

In 2020 we had advice from NZQA that they were exploring options to create flexibility in our assessment of students for NCEA internal assessment. The aim was to make it possible for us to assess students remotely, if required. NZQA produced templates to help teachers adapt assessment to enable alternative ways of gathering evidence where appropriate. This was through written, oral, digital or video assessment and it involved teachers making their judgement by collecting evidence from a range of different examples of work. We are fortunate that the nature of NCEA, with its modularised assessment and internal component, enables such an approach. Our ongoing assessment programme can be adapted as required; we do not want students stressing about their NCEA and assessment.

Alert and notification procedures

Email has been an effective way to communicate with parents. A reminder here about the other ways we communicate, please ensure you are signed up and monitoring these channels. Please also check your spam folder regularly in case any of our messages turn up there.

We’d love to hear from you!

You and your children are invited to post the things you are doing or just a message of support on ‘Marsden Kind’.


If your child has a great story about their learning or the activities you are doing at home please also email them with a photo/video to and  We really want to share what and how the Marsden family is doing.