Pastoral Philosophy

Anne Field leads the pastoral team at Marsden, facilitates the implementation of Marsden’s Visible Wellbeing™ approach and oversees the school’s network of people who support and care for students and staff. Anne is also the Year 13 Dean, a member of the Senior Management Team, and an Economics and Geography teacher.  As a member of the Senior Management Team Anne is integrally involved in leading the school with her main focus being to ensure both the students and staff are well supported to be the best person they can be.

Long association with Marsden

Anne has a long and treasured association with Marsden. Originally from Scotland, she came to Marsden as a twelve year old in the seventies, and loved her time wearing the Marsden green.


Anne graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Geography from Victoria University, followed by Teachers College in Palmerston North where she received her Diploma in Teaching. After working in the state system for a few years, Anne came to teach at Marsden for two years, taking a break to raise her three children with husband Richard. She returned to Marsden in 1992 and has been with us inspiring our students ever since. 


Marsden was the natural school of choice for her two daughters, Sarah and Anna and all three of the Field women have been proud House Captains of Johnson.

Recipient of ISNZ Honours Award

In 2012 Anne received an Honours Award from the Independent Schools Association of New Zealand in recognition of her outstanding contribution to pastoral care at Marsden. The citation read:


"Anne is Director of School with responsibility for Pastoral Care. She is a negotiator, a listener, a tireless worker, leader, and practical carer for the Marsden community. She has worked to create a spirit that embodies pastoral success and embraces every child while they are at school and after. She is also the Dean to staff – a hugely important role. With trust, discretion and respect, her school involvement is extensive and seemingly infinite, extending beyond girls to their families and wider networks. She is recognised both in the school community and the wider Wellington community as an extraordinary practitioner."


Mrs. Field is known throughout the school for her kindness, empathy and unflappability - all important qualities in an educator and ones she has honed over her 30 plus years at Marsden. She is a legend among students and most can’t wait to get into Senior School and have her as their dean.


All her life Anne has been guided by the golden rule, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you” and her mother’s admonition that “You get out of life what you put into it”. Her life-long commitment to Marsden is a reflection of that and one of the things she most loves about the school is its atmosphere of kindness reflected in how the girls support one another, as well as the school, and their focused effort to be of service to others.

Beyond Marsden

In her life outside of school Anne enjoys spending time with her family, going to church, riding her bike and reading. Her character strengths are Honesty, Love, Kindness, Perspective and Leadership.