A defining moment in Alaina's life spurred a special career in caring

For Alaina it was a moment that would lead to a career in Neonatal Intensive Care. It was the way the nurses took care of her father that inspired her. “The impact they made on my dad’s life really stuck with me. I wanted to be a part of people’s lives to have a positive impact at what can be a negative time.”


Looking after premature and sick babies born as early as 23 weeks gestation, has its challenges and rewards for Alaina. Caring for tiny babies was a massive learning curve after adult Orthopedics. Her days not only involve care of premature and sick babies, but their families as well. “I am responsible for the babies wellbeing for the shift, tending to their needs and keeping them stable, as well as providing emotional support for their parents and relatives.”


The Unit is tight knit and she works very closely with the doctors. They are also heavily involved in research that’s been instrumental in lifting the bar on neonatal care across Australia.


“Marsden had a real family feel, like home in a sense,”Alaina says. She enjoyed the non-academic aspects, playing netball, competitive aerobics, rowing and dance, “the balance was perfect between culture, sports and academia”.

Alaina is happy being a clinical nurse and managing the ward, but that’s not where she derives full satisfaction, “I became a nurse for the patient contact, not to push paper around,” she says, “And one day I’ll do my Masters in Nursing”. She believes things shouldn’t be done by halves, if you’re going to do something, then do it properly. “It sounds cheesy,” she concludes, “but the School motto ‘Ad Summa’, has truly been useful in my adult life”.


Alaina is a RN currently working in the Neonatal Intensive Care at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Sydney.

It sounds cheesy ... but the School motto ‘Ad Summa’, has truly been useful in my adult life.

ALAINA HESP – Class of 2004