So what's on now at Marsden?

At Marsden we have a busy schedule of events that include parents and members of our community; fabulous Innovation speakers, Parent/Daughter breakfasts, School productions and Open day experiences, to name a few. Here's what's on now, or coming up soon...

Open Days and Time in Class

We prepare our students for their world, through Marsden’s future focused learning programmes and our Visible Wellbeing™ approach. 


We hold an open event every term. Our next Open Day is on Friday 5 March 2021.


For more details and to register click here.


Parent/Daughter Breakfasts

Breakfasts have become a very enjoyable tradition at Marsden. They are held at alternative year levels with Fathers or Mothers and their Daughters in Y7–13 and a special Fathers' Day breakfast for our Primary and Preschool dads each year.  Parents will be emailed when it is their turn to enjoy breakfast with us. This is an informal occasion and an opportunity to meet socially with other parents. All families will be welcomed by our Principal, Narelle Umbers.

Mother Daughter Dinner

Our Year 12 Mother/Daughter dinner is scheduled for 24 September.  This is an informal occasion and an opportunity for Mums and their daughters to meet socially in their year group and a chance to get to know friends and share common interests.  You will be welcomed by the Principal, Leadership Team, Tutors and Deans.

Marketing & Communications Coordinator

Inge Doig
Marketing & Communications
(04) 476 8707
Contact me if you would like more information on how to experience Marsden.