Marsden parents are looking for more from their daughters’ education than a certificate and a step up to university and career. Academic achievement matters, of course, and Marsden girls consistently perform exceptionally. But that’s only one measure of a Marsden education.

The ultimate goal

At Marsden, we’re striving for the ultimate goal:  equipping girls for lives of meaning, accomplishment and genuine happiness.


Marsden girls do well in life because they have confidence and self-belief. They have resilience—grit, we like to call it. They are creative, independent thinkers. And they see themselves as citizens of the world, with a responsibility to make a contribution. That’s a transformation that’s beyond the norm. 

It’s something you’ll understand by talking to our girls and experiencing their passion for school, for discovery… and for life. 

Passion for School

Come and meet some of our girls and take a tour to discover the Marsden difference. 


Contact Sonia Stinson, our enrolments manager and she can arrange a tour at a time that suits you.

WORD from Marsden

WORD from Marsden 2019

Browse our annual magazine WORD from Marsden to get a snapshot of highlights from the past year.

Marsden has a proud tradition of wonderful girls becoming extraordinary women.

Jenny Williams, Principal 2008-2017