We care

The Marsden Preschool whānau believes that our children’s health and wellbeing is paramount. We will ensure they feel they belong, in a safe, stable environment that supports their self-worth, identity and confidence alongside their emotional regulation and self-control.

A school nurse is available to support the teachers in their care of your child.


New children are welcomed into our Marsden family, and quickly forge firm friendships. Children and teachers are a team and students have direct input into their learning. 

We have had two daughters go through Marsden Preschool and from the moment they both started it felt like they were part of the family that is Marsden Preschool. The wonderful teaching staff are very warm and welcoming and always have time for the girls (and us).

Francesca Jurgeleit, 2021

Marsden Preschool whānau

Our Preschool tamariki, parents, caregivers, teachers, wider whānau, and students’ local communities make up our Preschool whānau. Our tamariki bring a wealth of knowledge, experience, values and beliefs from their homes and communities; parents and whanau have different aspirations and expectations for them.

We are committed to and honour Te Tiriti o Waitangi. This includes maintaining the principles of participation, partnership and protection. We will weave te ao Māori through our teaching and we will honour and respect all cultures within Marsden Preschool. A partnership between parents, whānau and teachers is the most effective way to provide a quality education for our children. Tamariki and teachers will work together to protect and nurture each other, our various cultures, values and beliefs and our natural living environment for which we are kaitiaki.

Head of Preschool

Helen McConnell
Head of Preschool
(04) 476 8707