Mark and Francesca Jurgeleit 2022

In 2020 we moved our daughter to Samuel Marsden Primary at age 6 and we haven't looked back. She loves school and has thrived both inside and outside the classroom. Marsden has the ability to connect and work with each child’s uniqueness and ensures that there is no opportunity missed. We have since started our youngest daughter who is also thriving.

Marsden is more than just an education for our girls, it provides a proactive learning environment that encompasses life skills, sport, music and cultural activities to help them shine in the way they would like.

The staff are connected and interested in each child’s outcomes, both educational and personal. Most importantly, our girls are happy and engaged in their schooling and look forward to each day.

We highly recommend Samuel Marsden to anyone considering investing in their children's well-being and education in this way.

Kate and Jamie Fitzgerald 2021

Marsden’s Primary School has truly brought out the best in our daughters. The leadership opportunities, teaching resources and incredible learning environment Marsden offers has convinced us it’s the best investment we could ever make. We simply want our girls to be the best they can be, and we believe Marsden is making that happen. We’re excited to see our girls continue to grow, and for us all to be part of the friendly Marsden community.

Megan and Simon Woolf 2015

As new Year 6 parents, Marsden Primary has exceeded our expectations. 


The learning environment is so welcoming, positive, inspiring, challenging, supportive and full of personal opportunities.  It truly breathes "a love of learning" and the outcomes for our daughter have been fantastic.

Dawn and Dugald Morrison 2011 - 2015

Our journey through the Marsden Primary School has been full of joy and encouragement. The atmosphere created by an enthusiastic and dedicated staff drew our girls in and instilled in them confidence and a real love of learning.


We appreciate the Christian values and focus on character as much as the academic excellence Marsden achieves.


Primary students


Leigh McCathie
Enrolment Registrar
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Primary students speak about what makes Marsden Primary special for them.

This is a great school, you learn loads and by the end of the year you're like I don't want to leave school, it's the best school in the world.

Breagha Beggs, Year 4, 2012

Past Year 13 Students

Sarsha Sivanantham Marsden 2002 - 2015

I thoroughly enjoyed and appreciated my time at the Primary school during my time at Marsden. I treasure the memories I made there and have many friends I have remained very close with and who joined me in the Upper School.


The supportive and creative environment and teachers prepared me well for my future.

Louise Nisbet Marsden 2005 - 2015

Through the mixture of individual and group learning, broad range of subjects and the small class sizes I was encouraged to try everything, learn my strengths and work on my weaknesses. I felt that the teachers listened to me and facilitated my growth, allowing me to start Year 7 confident that I could achieve anything I put my mind to.


I genuinely enjoyed my time in Marsden Primary, the environment we learnt in and the friends I made.