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Thomasin gives performance advice to Primary student

Marsden School Leavers reflect on their school years

Molly Li, Year 13 2022

A Marsden education taught me that education is not just a classroom, or homework, but that people light up people. Marsden's teachers lit me up. To light the way for others, you must shine the light yourself, and this is the best knowledge I received. Not only did I learn this, but Marsden also made us a group, and we all got along happily and harmoniously, and made more friends.

Marsden has not only provided me with an amazing education, but has also taught me the importance of teamwork, how to continuously be resilient and how to be a successful leader. As well as this, I have made life-long friendships throughout my time at Marsden.

Lauren Healy, Year 13 2022

Madeleine Pickering

Marsden has empowered me to believe and give me the skills that I can go into any career I am interested in. The friends and activities here from house events, sports day, school trips, camps etc have made going to school enjoyable. I love the teachers here as they are hard working and generous with their time and support to all students at Marsden. Thank you Marsden!

Francesca Lynch, Year 13 2022

Throughout my time at Marsden, the main consistency has been the endless opportunities my education has given me. It has allowed me to explore my passions and discover myself while doing so. 

Emma Egley, Year 13 2022

I have been very grateful to have the opportunity to attend Marsden, I've made some fantastic friends who are hard-working and dedicated, this in turn helped me become more hard-working and 'aim for the highest' in everything that I do. 

Pippa Fletcher, Year 13 2022

Marsden has helped me develop tenacity, I have learned perseverance above all. To keep pushing forward little by little so that one day we may look back on the steps we took and feel proud of ourselves.

Lauren Foo, Year 13 2022

Marsden has certainly shaped who I am and has pushed me to reach my full potential in everything I do. I will forever cherish the lifelong friendships, memories and support system I have made at the school. 

Emilia Skelton, Year 13, 2020

Coming to Marsden has allowed me to form life long friendships, grow in confidence and experience a wide range of activities that I never would have had the chance to. I have felt cared for and looked after throughout my time here.

Marsden has given me the ability to believe in, back myself, and go for whatever it is I'd like achieve. To maintain a balance between working hard and having fun.

Emily Suhr, Year 13, 2020

Madison Taylor, Year 13, 2020

My Marsden education has instilled me with a strong sense of self confidence, freedom of expression, willingness to speak my mind and opportunity to involve myself in the academic, cultural and sporting life of the school, and succeed in all of them.  It gave me the opportunity to grow and I am now ready for the real world and rest of my life.

Skyllar Mcclelland, Year 13, 2020

I've made a bunch of lifelong friends and have been introduced and offered a range of various sport and cultural activities that I am not sure I would otherwise be able to participate in. I have been exposed to a range of different subject areas which have helped to develop my enjoyment for science subjects. Being introduced to hockey at Marsden has lead to me representing my region at the highest level which has lead to me being introduced to a range of people and scholarship opportunities overseas. 

Franziska Sievers, International Student, 2020

Marsden gave me an international school experience in which I learnt a lot of new things.  I learned about subjects like Classics but also about a good student  community, and I'm now ready to return to Germany to attend University.

Bella O'Meeghan, Head Girl, 2018

To be a part of a supportive, driven community that motivates me to be my best and celebrates success. Marsden has offered me a wide variety of opportunities, especially chances to give back to the community - service is now something I prioritise and look forward to continuing to do beyond school :)

Simran Bechan, Year 13, 2018

Coming to Marsden has absolutely changed my perspective of life and opened up many opportunities for me. Marsden education has allowed me to see the bigger picture of the world we live in as well as understand the importance of helping others. 

The education Marsden has given me has extended so much beyond just academics! So many of the personal skills I've gained have been developed here, and I've really gained an appreciation for stepping outside your comfort zone and giving everything a go.

Anjali Gentejohann, Year 13, 2018

Yuelin Yao, International Student, 2018

As an international student, to learn be independent and self motivated. Marsden is a warm place for a child who leaves miles away from home.

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