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Marsden Whitby Taiko Drummers


Viridi Vocem, our choir, performs at special school events and represents Marsden Whitby in the annual Big Sing choral competition. Marsden Whitby students have the opportunity to join a variety of rock and jazz bands.

The annual House Music competition is highly anticipated and evokes spirited inter-house rivalry.   

Our Taiko Drummers are truly amazing to watch with their power and sound. Marsden Whitby is one of only two schools offering Taiko drumming in the Wellington region.


Individual music tuition is available through specialist music tutors.


Sporting opportunities at Marsden Whitby are increasing every year as the roll grows. We have our own netball, hockey and football teams. We also offer badminton and running clubs after school and there is a developing equestrian team.

Each year we hold three school-wide sporting events. Students compete with great enthusiasm in athletics, cross country and swimming on behalf of their House. Adventure, Resolution, Endeavour and Discovery Houses are named after Captain James Cook's ships.

Champions in each sporting code may go on to represent the school in inter-school or zonal, regional and national events. Year 7 and 8 students compete in the Paramoana inter-school sporting competitions with other local schools.


There are opportunities for our girls to join Marsden Karori sports teams and, for boys we have an agreement with local secondary schools for them to take part in codes which we do not currently offer.


Inter-house debating, drama and music competitions are held among Marsden Whitby's four houses to encourage talent, creativity and competitive spirit within the school. 

We also offer a programming club for our techies and a lunchtime chess club for enthusiasts. We also have a growing Mah Jong Club which meets regularly.