Pastoral Care

As a small school, every student is known individually. Our spirit is the tangible difference. The strong pastoral care network we have ensures individual strengths and needs are recognised and nurtured. This network includes teachers, Deans and tutor teachers, with access to counselling services.


A concern for the social and emotional development of every student is part of our special character. Students who are happy at school will do well.


Fundamental to our school philosophy are the Christian values of honesty, integrity, responsibility, reliability, respect for others, tolerance, diligence, commitment, compassion and fairness. They are recognised and practised through highlighting weekly virtues, regular chapel services and assemblies, and are modelled through our everyday actions.

Relationships sit at the heart of all we do. They underpin the achievement of the students and the vitality of our spirit.

AnneWinnall, DirectorMarsdenWhitby


We believe students achieve best when school and home are in close partnership. Regular communications keep parents up to date with school activities. Newsletters, parent teacher meetings and MyMarsden are other important avenues of communication. We encourage open and positive contact between parents and school.


There are leadership opportunities at each year level. This may involve students leading tutor groups, their House, a sport, or a music group. Their enthusiasm and mentoring promotes widespread participation and ensures that students throughout the school know each other. The development of leadership skills is actively promoted.


Kim Methorst
Dean Marsden Whitby
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Adrian Hardy
Associate Dean Marsden Whitby
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