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Partnering with Swivel Careers

A Marsden education sets up life-ready students prepared for future-learning as well as meaningful and enjoyable work. One of the ways we achieve this is through our partnership with Swivel Careers during the high school years. Swivel Careers works with students to ‘deliver interactive and informative group workshops, designed to help students understand the working world and how to prepare for it.’


Recently our Year 13s attended a Swivel programme called ‘Launch You’. Recruiting professionals discussed with the students their digital imprint and how it affects future employability and explained to the girls what really happens to their CV when they apply for a job and how to make sure it gets read. Students were also taught how to prepare for an interview by researching companies and asking the right questions, then they were put through their paces in some speed interviews after which they were given constructive feedback from the recruiters.

Marsden students are first introduced to the Swivel programme in Year 10 when they participate in the ‘Defining Careers’ workshop which aims to help them broaden their aspirations and look outside of the pathways they are already familiar with to explore other areas that might interest them. In Year 12 the focus is on one-on-one coaching and psychometric testing to help the students determine their strengths and how those might fit in the workplace.

This year’s Swivel training helped me gain confidence for interviews and I feel like I will be prepared for them in the future. In Years 10 and 11 it helped me look at my interests and skills and see what kinds of professions I could consider pursuing

Josie Morrison, Year 13 2021

Science teacher and Careers advisor Sue Binns has facilitated the Swivel programme at Marsden and she says, “The benefits I see from working with Swivel is they are a recruiting agency and have a good understanding of the current requirements in the world of work. The one-on-one aspect of the Year 12 and Year 10 course works well to get our girls thinking more deeply about what actually matches their personality and interests. We have been working with Swivel since 2019 and I have noticed that the senior girls are more focused and motivated to explore a greater range of possible careers when making their choices for their first year after school. They show more independence in researching their ideas as well.”

See our Year 13s in action at their recent Swivel workshop