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Extensive co-curricular programme

Our belief in providing girls with a broad variety of experiences means that Marsden offers an extensive co-curricular programme.

Marsden has given me the opportunity to participate in a wide range of cultural, sporting and service activities that I wouldn't have otherwise considered. Because of Marsden I have gained the confidence to stand up for myself and others.

Ilona MacKinnon, Year 13, 2020

Cultural activities

Marsden leads the way in cultural activities for young women. Our programmes are a great platform for building confidence, nurturing creativity and encouraging curiosity in our girls. From music and drama to debating and performance, cultural activities are an important part of school life and our community. Our Cultural Co-ordinator and exceptional teaching staff make sure all our girls have the opportunity to experience the power of performance first-hand, through specialist teaching in music, singing, speech and drama.



Playing and enjoying music at Marsden opens the door to a life-long appreciation of the performing arts. We have choirs, orchestras, rock bands, flute ensembles and handbell ringing, as well as the academic Music curriculum which includes our fun and innovative Year 7 Band Programme. 

Specialist teachers are available during the school day for students to have private tuition in the instrument of their choice.


Everyone can sing and there are many opportunities for our girls to create lovely vocal harmonies - for fun or in competition. From auditioned choirs to all-comers choirs and rock bands, there's something for all musical tastes. 

Marsden's award winning choir, Altissime, performing in 2020

Marsden's award winning choir, Altissime, performing in 2020

Our Composer-in-Residence programme gives music students the very real opportunity to experience a composer at work. During their residency, the composer takes workshops with the girls and composes a unique piece of music for Marsden.


Throughout the year there are a number of events where our musicians showcase their talents. The Swainson Memorial Competition is a musical highlight where girls compete for the prestigious Nell Clere Music Scholarship and the time-honoured Betty Swainson Award.

Cultural Coordinator

Sarah Wilson
Cultural Coordinator
(04) 476 8707
Call me to discuss your daughter's cultural interests

Performing Arts

We encourage our girls to join the School Production. Performing as a team in front of an audience builds confidence and great camaraderie.  Our latest production was an outstanding success involving scores of students in front of house or backstage - they loved it. For those not seeking the limelight we sometimes offer lighting workshops alongside the school production.

2019 Production, Godspell

2019 Production, Godspell

There are opportunities to perform in the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival, Kapa haka, debating, or take Speech and Drama lessons from our specialist tutors. 


The annual Cultural Awards Evening celebrates and recognises our top performers for their talent and dedication.


For more details visit our MyMarsden Co-curricular page or contact our Cultural Coordinator, Sarah Wilson, who will be happy to help you.


Marsden is recognised both nationally and internationally for our sporting success, and we have one of the highest sports participation rates in the country. Sport is a big part of who we are.


We offer a diverse range of over 20 sports, such as football, cricket, netball, shooting, rowing, hockey, lacrosse and orienteering. There is something to suit every student, whether at a social or highly competitive level. Whichever sport your daughter chooses, we have the team and the resources to make sure she can get out there and achieve her personal best, and younger students with talent often find a place in our top teams. See our Sports website for all our sport information. 


Our Director of Sport and specialist coaches and staff play key roles in maintaining exceptional sporting standards and in coaching and mentoring our sportswomen. Our dedicated team of sports staff, top-class facilities and resources ensure all students can reach their potential.


Through playing sport our students learn about sportsmanship, teamwork, resilience, courage and commitment. We expect gracious winners and good losers, and have fun along the way. 


You are welcome to chat to our Sports staff about how we can help foster your daughter's sporting interests and help her achieve her goals.


Three annual schoolwide sporting events involve our whole school community - athletics, cross country and swimming. These contests are fierce but fun as students compete individually and for the glory of their House.


For more details visit our dedicated Marsden Sports website or contact Director of Sport, Eliott Brookes, if you have any questions.

Sports Director

Eliott Brookes
Director of Sport
(04) 476 8707
Call me to discuss your daughter's sporting interests

Other Opportunities

Marsden is excited to team up with the Jennifer Evans Dance Academy, a boutique Dance Academy with classes in Classical Ballet, Modern Jazz, Tap and Hip-Hop.  Ages range from 3.5 years to adults. All classes are conveniently held in the Marsden Studio, 6 days a week. Holiday classes and seminars are also available. For further details contact Jennifer 4762821 or 0276350191 or j.evansdance@gmail.com.

Jennifer Evans Dance Academny at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

Jennifer Evans Dance Academny at Samuel Marsden Collegiate School

Other clubs at Marsden include: chess, greenies, robotics, Kids Lit, international, science, writers, technical support crew and more.