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A Culture of Care

Marsden has a strong commitment to a school-wide system of care for the wellbeing of our students. It is part of the special character and philosophy of the school. Our focus on the personal development of students includes encouraging:


  • A feeling of success and enjoyment
  • Confidence and self-belief
  • A sense of responsibility for themselves and others
  • A positive, self-reliant attitude to learning


Marsden recognises the need for a proactive, preventative approach to mental health to help students flourish psychologically and socially, as well as academically.


Through the delivery of the curriculum and our pastoral programmes we will equip students with the knowledge and skills to foster positive emotions, engage in and appreciate new learning, value and build caring relationships, develop a sense of purpose and meaning, and pursue worthwhile endeavour.


Marsden Health and Wellbeing Team

Marsden Health and Wellbeing Team

Deans, Associate Deans, form teachers and tutors are on hand to help deal with concerns of an academic, co-curricular, or personal nature, or with stress-related problems, and we have a full-time nurse on site. Other professionals available for one-on-one conversations with students and parents include the Academic Director, Head of Subject, Careers Advisor, Guidance Counsellor and Chaplain.


We take a team approach to supporting our students and maintain a professional level of confidentiality at all times.

Pastoral Care Director

Anne Field
Pastoral Care Director, Dean Y7-13
(04) 476 8707
If you have any concerns for your daughter, please call me.