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Marsden saw a need within the community and decided to offer the Arrowsmith Program®

Arrowsmith Program® at Marsden

Marsden has been successfully running an Arrowsmith class since 2014. Many students have benefited tremendously from the opportunity to participate in this life changing, cognitive training programme.

I soon realised that Marsden was the right school for me as the teachers were so kind and caring. Once I started Arrowsmith I got success with my exercises pretty quickly, and this made me feel happy and over time my confidence in myself grew. Arrowsmith and Marsden have changed my life

Ryder Trembath-Harris, Student, 2022

Arrowsmith Program®

Created by Barbara Arrowsmith-Young this programme helps children overcome a wide range of learning differences. Using principles of neuroplasticity, the programme employs techniques that strengthen pathways in the brain rather than focusing on traditional coping skills. All students gain benefits from the programme, but especially those with learning differences like dyslexia and auditory processing difficulties. We also have students who do not have a formal diagnosis of a learning difficulty but may be wanting to improve their cognitive function. This programme has been transformative for them also.


We currently employ three specialist teachers who trained in Canada and Brisbane to work very closely with our students and their families. Since starting the Arrowsmith Program® in 2014 the feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.


The standard Arrowsmith Program® runs for 4 periods a day for each child. We are occasionally able to offer some part-time places (1 - 3 periods a day) in our Marsden Program. (We also offer 8.00am periods, which reduce the impact on curriculum subjects).


If spaces fill, we can put your child’s name on an ‘Expressions of Interest’ list and as spaces become available, we can in turn contact you. There is no financial obligation to place your child on the waiting list.


If you are interested in finding out more, please contact Lizzie Coyle at or Head of Primary, Jo Burns

Discover why your child struggles at school

Discover why your child struggles at school – use the button below to take Arrowsmith's Cognitive Questionnaire.



An evening with Barbara Arrowsmith-Young at Marsden

We were delighted to host Barbara Arrowsmith-Young, the founder of the Arrowsmith Program®, on Tuesday 25 February 2020. See our news article ... 


For those that missed her talk at Marsden and are interested here is a recording from one of her engagements in Auckland.


The founder Barbara Arrowsmith-Young has also delivered a TEDx talk (click above to watch) and has written a fascinating book called 'The Woman Who Changed Her Brain'. For more information on founder Barbara Arrowsmith and the Arrowsmith Program®, visit the Arrowsmith website.

Marsden Primary Whole Cohort Program

In February 2022, Marsden introduced the Arrowsmith principles to all Year 2–6 students in the Marsden Primary School, with the ultimate goal of improving foundational learning capacities for our Primary students. For more information see here.