Our Preschool is situated within the main campus grounds in Karori and provides easy access to all main school facilities.

Our Facilities

The physical environment sets the stage and creates the context for everything that happens at Preschool. It is a place where relationships develop, skills are learned, abilities are enhanced and attitudes toward school and learning are formed.


Marsden Preschool offers a diverse range of activities as well as freedom for the children to explore and embrace their interests.
Francesca Jurgeleit, 2021

Our specially designed facilities are spacious, light and sunny and support child development and programme quality. We provide learning opportunities that support and encourage art, music, literacy, play dough, blocks, nature, dramatic play, carpentry, and a creative outdoor area for sand and water play, climbing and ball games.  


We also have access to the full school campus which includes extensive grounds, tennis courts, playing fields, Library, Music Room and auditorium. 

Our facilities are spacious, light and sunny with extensive outdoor areas.

The pictures in the slideshow below give you an idea of our facilities, but you should see them for yourself. Bring your daughter or son in and spend some time with us, we would love to meet you and show you around.

2019 09 18 Preschool Painting 1 Of 81 4Web Doh 4Web Ipads 4Web Img 9238 Making Dough 4Web Library2 4Web Inside 4Web Block Corner2 4Web Img 8400 Elephant Circle 4Web Img 1278 Teddy And Beebots 4Web Img 9628 4Web Img 9270 Blue Dough 4Web Img 2065 4Web Outdoor Space 2 4Web Outdoor Space 4Web Biking On Courts2 4Web Little Dribblers 4Web Slide 4Web Sandpit 4Web Facilities Courts Img 0361 Bike Day 4Web Img 0125 Sandpit 7 4Web Img 0247 4Web Img 6941 4Web Preschool Original Photo T3w7 Ver3