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Our campus in Karori is a leafy green oasis that provides an ideal learning environment.

Our classrooms

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Marsden Primary has light airy classrooms, designed by Athfield Architects, surrounded by beautiful gardens. These spaces lend themselves to creative thought and motivated girls who love coming to school. 

Our Chapel

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Within our grounds lies the beautiful Baber Chapel where we hold regular services to share Virtues and Values with our girls. Students sing, pray together and are encouraged to contribute ideas and music in this special place at services led by our Chaplain and teachers.

Purpose built Library

We have a dedicated Library and Librarians who instill a love of literature and help the girls with their research projects. It's a social space and girls are encouraged to enjoy it.

Our playgrounds

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Our students climb and swing on the jungle gym, they hide in the trees, become engineers in the sandpit and enjoy the freedom of our green play spaces. 

Sports ground, multi-sport turf, netball and tennis courts

With our own netball,  tennis courts and multi-sport turf we offer weekly physical education classes with a specialist teacher. We use our large sports ground for cross country, athletic sports, football, cricket and other group activities.

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Music Room

A well stocked music room is an important part of our music programme that includes choirs, an orchestra and instrumental groups all supported by our specialist music teacher.

Te Iti Kahurangi

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We have our very own Art Gallery 'Te Iti Kaurangi', with a space for each child to display a piece of art of their own making and choice.

School Auditorium

Every student participates in our bi-annual Primary production which we showcase in the School's large Auditorium. We hold special assemblies such as Grandparents' Day and Prizegiving there too. Being part of the whole school campus gives us the opportunity to use these facilities and create memorable events.

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