Beckie Calder-Flynn – Environmental Scientist

Marsden Graduate 2011

Beckie graduated from Marsden in 2011 and was Head of Upper School in her senior year. She loves biology and credits her early interest to "the amazing Mrs Gunn for putting so much passion, enthusiasm, and baby animal pictures into her classes." She gained a Bachelors of Science from Auckland University then left New Zealand to travel to Africa and complete a life-long dream of working with wildlife rehabilitation and conservation organisations. From hand-rearing baby monkeys to hunting poachers, tracking hyenas to giving lions health checks, Beckie attributes her time in Africa for "changing her life and outlook on the world."


Back in New Zealand, Beckie returned to her studies completing a Masters of Conservation Biology with Distinction at Victoria University.These days she works as an environmental scientist.


In 2016 Beckie addressed Marsden assembly, speaking passionately about her conservation work. She told our students that they can make a difference.

It is so easy to be sucked into thinking ‘I’m over here in NZ, a young girl, I can’t make a difference’. Absolutely wrong. Every little thing you do, no matter how small, makes a difference. Plant a tree. Recycle. Adopt a pet from a shelter. Eat more veggies.
Beckie Calder-Flynn 2016