Gillian McCarthy – Lecturer in Media Design and Interaction Design

Marsden Graduate 2007

Gillian McCarthy graduated from Marsden in 2007. She went on to complete a BA and BCSpCs (Hons1) from Otago University and subsquently a PhD at Victoria University, Wellington where she is currently a Lecturer in Media Design and Interaction Design. Her work focuses on the interactions between people and both physical and digital designs.

Gillian's research aims to put people before their health conditions or impairments and work with them to design solutions that fit their needs, aspirations, and everyday lives. Previous projects include investigating what kinds of medical technologies adolescents with type 1 diabetes want to use, designing an app to get children engaged in their health care, designing a system to help women manage pelvic floor dysfunctions, and designing ways for members of the Blind Foundation to interact with smart speaker technologies.



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