Children and young people flourish at Marsden. They're happy, they enjoy school and they go on to do exceptionally well in life. What makes Marsden special?

The ultimate goal

At Marsden, our relentless focus is on the ultimate goal of education. For us, education is much more than a step up to university and a career.  Our purpose is to lay the foundation for lives of meaning, accomplishment and genuine happiness. We foster independent thinking, build resilience and instill the importance of community involvement.

Marsden's smaller schools

We achieve that ultimate goal because we know, and can support every pupil personally. That's not possible in today's mega schools, whereas here, people talk about the 'Marsden family'. At Marsden, children and young people are nurtured, encouraged and respected. They feel safe being themselves and receive the individual attention they need.


Narelle Umbers
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It's the Marsden Spirit that makes the difference.

Marsden schools have high expectations

Excellence is a core value at Marsden. Parents and pupils choose Marsden schools because of our high performance environment, where everyone is striving to be the best they can be. Where there is a shared passion for learning and discovery.


At Marsden schools, children and young people flourish. They do well academically. They develop grit and grace. And they go on to enjoy their life and work. At Marsden, wonderful children realise their potential to become extraordinary people.

I know that my unique contribution and development as an individual is celebrated and there is a strong culture of excellence which inspires me to confidently pursue my dreams and goals.

Chara Sherwood, Year 13 2009