Experience Marsden School's welcoming environment. Marsden is the best school for your daughter. At Marsden she will be known and extended, enjoy daily Visible Wellbeing practices, form close friendships and learn in a modern environment on our large green campus.

Open Morning – Preschool to Year 13

Our next Open Morning is on Friday 23 October. Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, only registered groups are able to attend. As 2021 enrolments are due you are welcome to come for a personal tour prior to our Open Morning. If you would like to book a personal tour please contact Leigh McCathie on 476 8792 Ext 831, and she'd be happy to organise that for you.  


Please register for our October Open Morning here:

If our event dates do not work for you please contact Enrolment Registrar Leigh McCathie on 476 8792 Ext 831. She'd be happy to organise a personal tour for you and your family.


We look forward to meeting you!

A Day in Class

Your daughter is invited to spend a day in class to experience Marsden. She will be given a buddy for the day, join in with class and co-curricular activities and meet the girls in her year group. If your daughter would like to experience a day in class, please get in touch with Enrolment Registrar Leigh McCathie on 476 8707 or email  leigh.mccathie@marsden.school.nz. She is happy to organise a day to visit. 


Open Day and Year 7 and 9 Information webinars

We held a Virtual Open Day Webinar and Year 7 and Year 9 Information Webinars recently.  You can register to receive a copy of these below and we will send you the link. We hope you enjoy these overviews. 



Our enrolments are open. 2021 enrolments are now due.

If you have any questions about learning and enrolments, would like to come for a tour or have your daughter spend a day in class, please contact our Enrolment Registrar Leigh McCathie on 476 8707 or email  leigh.mccathie@marsden.school.nz and she will be in touch.

If you’d like to catch up with a particular staff member, like Director of Primary Jennifer Ioannou, Head of Preschool Helen McConnell, Academic Director Margaret Adeane, Year 7-10 Dean Wendy Carroll, Year 11-13 Dean Anne Field, Principal Narelle Umbers or one of our co-curricular staff we can organise that too. Just touch base with Leigh.


We invite you to take a virtual tour and have a look at our facilities, and look forward to showing you the campus at one of our open events or with a personal tour.

Why Marsden?

At Marsden we inspire girls and gift them the benefits of an all-girls education. We prepare our students to be ready for their world, through our future focused learning programmes, specialist academic, sport and cultural programmes and our Visible Wellbeing™ approach.


At Marsden we warmly welcome and strive to have new students feel at home and part of the Marsden family from day one.  

Scholarships for entry in 2021

Please visit our Scholarships page for more details. Our Excellence in Sport Scholarship applications (Years 10-13, entry in 2021) close on 21 August. Our other scholarships have now closed. Scholarships for entry in 2022 will open in February 2021. 

2020 Programmes

Please find a copy of the Marsden story on this page.

Detailed 2020 curriculum information can be found on our Year 7–13 
Academic Programmes page.

Primary information can be found
here and Preschool information here.

We can post you a copy of the Marsden story and our year programmes also. Just contact Leigh McCathie
leigh.mccathie@marsden.school.nz with your postal address if you would like us to do that.

Like what you see, ready to enrol?

The enrolment process consists of an online Application form followed by a friendly interview with Principal Narelle Umbers (Year 7-13) or Primary School Director Jennifer Ioannou (Year 1-6). Subject to the interview, space availability and an offer, the further enrolment documentation will follow. Enrolments for 2021 are now due. 

Please see our 
Enrolments page for more details and the online Application form. 

If you have any questions, Leigh McCathie looks forward to hearing from you on 476 8707 or at


Leigh McCathie
Enrolment Registrar
(04) 476 8707
Contact me if you have any questions about our Karori Campus