Trust Board

Susan Elliott (Chair)
Mandy Britnell
Megan Lloyd Evans (Parents' Association)
Cheryl Middelkoop
Jo Prescott (Old Girls' Association)
Todd Stevens
John Wild
Jo Wills
Graeme Wong

Board of Management

Cheryl Middelkoop (Chair)
Chris Banks
Juliet Dobson
Rob Everett
Dave Farrelly
Jamie Fitzgerald
Peter Hausmann
Brett Johanson
Wendy Li
Sarah McGrath
Jo Prescott (Old Girls' Association)
Willow Sainsbury
Sarena Saunders
Hannah Seddon

Teaching and learning is more future-focused than ever. Our Visible Wellbeing™ journey has put the wellbeing of the entire community front and centre, our very experienced teaching staff are continuing to have the impact that enables our girls to flourish.

Cheryl Middelkoop, 2019