We are often asked questions regarding scholarships and hope any queries you have will be answered here.

If not, please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any other questions.

What do I need to support my application?

There are supporting documents required with your application form, however not all scholarships include sitting an exam, see table below for details. NB: Supporting documents must be uploaded at the time the scholarship application is submitted, please have them ready. All supporting documentation must arrive before a candidate can sit the exam, otherwise the application will not proceed. 


Scholarships Recent Photo Last School Report C.V.        Reference Letter     Supporting  
Sit Exam
Y6 Academic Excellence    
Y7 Academic Excellence  
Y7-13 Māori & Pasifka Scholarship*****  
Y9 Academic Excellence  
Y9 Sports* or Cultural**
Y9 Marsden Old Girls' Scholarship  
Y10-13 Excellence in Sport***            
Y11 Academic Excellence    
Y11-13 Ad Summa
(Letteri Family) ****
(Financial Statement)
Y12 Academic Excellence    
Y12 Helen Davidson (Senior School)     


* If you are invited for an interview for a Year 9 Sporting Excellence Scholarship, you will be required to undergo a sports assessment on the same day.


** Year 9 Cultural Excellence applicants are required to provide a recording (up to 5 minutes long) of relevant performance or supply online address (eg: YouTube). Note: If you wish to send in a USB separately, please deliver to the Main Reception, clearly marked with applicants name and scholarship applied for before the closing date.


*** Y10-13 Excellence in Sports applicants are required to provide proof of sports achievements ie certificates, a short video highlighting sports performance/achievements or supply online address (eg: YouTube). Applicants may also be required to undertake a Sports Assessment.  Note: If you wish to send in a USB separately, please deliver to the Main Reception, clearly marked with applicant's name and scholarship applied for before the closing date. 


**** Y11-13 Ad Summa (Letteri Family) Scholarship applicants are required to provide a curriculum vitae and financial statement and, if shortlisted, a Statement of Financial Position to verify their eligibility.


***** Y7-13 Māori and Pasifka Scholarships, applicants please provide details of nationality, ethnicity and iwi (as applicable) with your supporting information. 


What information is required in the Curriculum Vitae (CV)?

The CV should include a summary of your daughter's activities which are not already covered in their school report. These may be co-curricular activities like sport, dance, drama, music, any clubs, groups or organisations they belong to and any volunteer work they may have done etc. We'd also like to know about any achievements, awards or certificates they may have received.

If your daughter is applying for a Sports or Cultural Scholarship we would expect the CV to provide in detail the sport and cultural information that you would like considered. It should detail any teams your child has belonged to and if they have played at representative levels. 

Who is able to write the reference letter for me?

It needs to be written by someone who is NOT a family member or a school teacher. It could be your Pastor/Vicar, Scout or Brownie/Guide leader. It should be someone who has known you for some time and seen you in situations outside of family/school.

How do I know my application has been received?

On submission you should receive an automated confirmation email with a copy of your scholarship application for your records.  Applications will be processed after the scholarship closing date. If there is no closing date, they will be processed as they are received.

When will we be sent details of the exam day?

If sitting an exam is required, an email will be sent out from the school the week prior to the exams giving details of the timetable for the day.

What if I am not available on the day of the scholarship exam?

All candidates need to sit the papers on the same day and under the same conditions so if you are not available on the day of the exam your application will not proceed.

What is in the scholarship exam?

There are three papers - English, Maths and General Knowledge

Can I study for the exam?

Not really. As long as you are confident in English and Maths and have an awareness of the world around you the papers will be challenging but not impossible.

Are past papers available?


Do I have to wear my school uniform to the exam?


What happens after I have taken the exam?

Once papers have been marked, selected candidates will be invited for an interview with the Principal and the Marsden Primary Director. Following the interview, you may be offered a scholarship. All candidates whether successful or unsuccessful will be notified by email.

What happens if there is no exam required?

If no exam is required, selected candidates will be invited for an interview, with the Principal. Unsuccessful candidates will be notified by email.

Terms and Conditions

  • Scholarships are available to New Zealand domestic students only.
  • All supporting documentation must arrive with the application before the closing date, otherwise the application will not proceed.
  • All candidates need to sit the examination papers on the same day and under the same conditions so if you are not available on the day of the exam your application will not proceed. 
  • Some scholarships do not have an examination.
  • Examination results are confidential to Marsden School, and no discussion will be entered into.
  • Scholarships are awarded at the discretion of the Principal and no correspondence will be entered into.


Leigh McCathie
Enrolment Registrar
(04) 476 8707
Contact me if you have any queries regarding Karori Scholarships