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The nurse at Marsden works in a collaborative environment with the Deans, Counsellor and Chaplain to promote the health and happiness of students. 


The clinic is at the end of the corridor in Marsden House and hours are 9:00am to 2:30pm every school day. 

Health Centre

The Health Centre at Marsden provides:

  • Acute assessment of students and staff at Marsden when they experience injury or sickness
  • Liaises with Regional Public Health, Bee Healthy, Evolve and other health support agencies on behalf of students
  • Works closely with students and their families with ongoing medical conditions (where this is sought)
  • Makes referrals to other agencies and health practitioners including GP as needed
  • Provides ongoing health education to students and staff
  • Is ACC accredited (so can complete ACC claims for students)


All services to students and staff are confidential.  There are exceptions to this confidentiality, primarily related to situations where the immediate health or safety of the person is at risk. 

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