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Classics, History and Social Sciences

Outstanding Student of Humanities

We were thrilled to welcome to our teaching staff in 2020, young Old Girl Julia Finny. Julia graduated from Marsden in 2010, going on to complete a BA in Classics and History and a BA Hons from Victoria University. She returned to Marsden for her teaching training placement in 2017, and now she has joined us as full-time staff teaching Classics, History and Social Sciences.


Academic Director Margaret Adeane remembers Julia as an outstanding student of the humanities and Julia agrees that they were always her favourite subjects. While at Victoria University Julia tutored Classics for two years and that is when she discovered her passion for teaching. She began her career teaching History and Social Studies at Porirua College then moved onto Scots College where she taught Humanities and History.

Early Years

Julia was born in Singapore and spent her primary years in Taiwan as her parents are diplomats. She returned to New Zealand in Year 7 and began her studies at Marsden. She has fond memories of her time as a student and says it was here that she was first introduced to the humanities.

Confident Students

Julia appreciates the confidence her students show in expressing their own opinions on a topic. She hopes to fire their interest and instill in them a desire to know more and continue researching the various topics discussed in class using the research skills she has taught them.

I love the long and sometimes slightly off-topic engaged discussions I have with the girls here - talking about the role of women in Ancient Greece can lead to interesting dialogue about women’s rights today.

Outside Marsden

Julia’s top character strengths are Love of learning, Humour and Perspective. When she isn’t teaching she enjoys time in the garden, reading and watching historically-set TV and movies.