Private Music Tuition at Marsden

We have a wonderful team of committed itinerant music teachers who look forward to being of service to you. The following information is helpful in explaining private music lessons at Marsden. Please note that students must be at least Year 3 before commencing music lessons.

Register for lessons online using the button below by Monday 23 January 2023 if requiring lessons in Term 1.

Regulations and Guidelines

  • Timetables are posted in advance on the Music Noticeboard in the back music corridor. All students are expected to consult the timetables regularly and take their lessons at the appointed times.
  • Instruments are to be stored in the Music Resource Room located at the end of the small studios.
  • Students are expected to take part in group activities suggested by the Director of Music or their tutors. You will be notified and your support will be much appreciated.
  • Lessons are held during school time on a rotating timetable for students in Years 3-10; senior students often use study periods or lunchtimes.
  • Your tutor will issue you a report on your daughter’s progress once each year.

Cost of Lessons and Payment

  • Individual lessons are $35 per half hour. In certain instances, some instruments can be taught in a group. Two students per lesson will cost $18 for each student. Three students will cost $12 for each student.
  • Please ensure that you pay directly to the teacher listed at the top of the account, not the school, by the method that suits you both best.
  • Invoices for hiring instruments are handled through disbursements to school accounts.

Cancelling a Lesson

If you know in advance that a lesson needs to be cancelled, please phone or text the teacher. This needs to be done at least 48 hours before the lesson in the case of a test or activity and, in the case of sickness, before 7am on the morning of the lesson. Failure to do this will mean that the lesson will be charged for.


Please do not hesitate to contact our Director of Music, Marian Campbell at any time by email for any questions about the programme.

Terminating Tuition

A term of tuition, once commenced, must be completed or a full term’s fees paid. Written notice of termination of lessons by parent/caregiver or teacher must be given a term in advance.


Please feel free to contact your music teacher at any time and discuss the progress of your daughter. The online form for lessons can be found using the button at the top of this page.


Marsden Itinerant Music teachers


Instrument Tutor (Alphabetical) Contact details
FLUTE Karen Batten
B Mus Hons. M Mus. LRSM.
VOICE  Annabelle Cheetham
Dip Teach. ABRSM Teaching Certificate. Dip Executant Mus.
VIOLIN & VIOLA  Glenda Craven
First violinist NZSO, retired, LTCL. 
PIANO Kat Zougiannis  
DRUMS Mr Darren Sigley
BASSOON Penny Miles
TUBA Ian Ridgewell
BAHons, GCGI, LLCM, Dip Mus. 
OBOE Madeline Sakofsky
PIANO Emma Sayers
BRASS Chris Selley
GUITAR Tyson Smith
PIANO Dr Rachel Thomson
'CELLO & DOUBLE BASS Brenton Veitch
Principal ‘cello of Orchestra Wellington, Wellbeing Instructor for NZSO.