Digital Devices

Students from Year 7 upwards are required to bring their own digital devices for learning.  We recommend a laptop for Years 7-13. If Year 7 to 9 students currently have a tablet or Chromebook they can continue to use these across their subjects. The iCentre has a range of devices that can be issued on a day to day basis.


Primary students in Years 3-6 are welcome to bring a device such as an iPad, or laptop to use in class.  Please speak with your daughter's teacher if you need further advice. 


Please read Teaching and Learning with BYOD pdf


PB Tech have education deals available, see link below.
Use BYOD coupon code SMCS20 to get better deals.

2023 Stationery Lists

Please find 2023 Marsden Year 7-13 stationery PDFs for you to download.  (Note downloads may go directly to your download folder.)



You can order your stationery from OfficeMax by following the link below. We recommend you print off your stationery list to have handy when placing your order.


Primary Stationery

As standard procedure all stationery supplied to Marsden Primary students will be provided by the school and is covered by the school fee.  We are careful to keep charges to a minimum.