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Korean Hanbok made from recycled items by Minkyung and Amy, 2021

Here's what our International Students say about their time at Marsden School

Be brave do something you never did before

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Yuelin Yao, 2018

Excerpt from leaving speech by Yuelin Yao, Year 13 from Shanghai, China, 2018

Girls don't hesitate to step out and face the challenges, be brave, do something you never did before, and you will find some new things in your life. Never give a limit to yourself, you can do much more than what you think. 

I understand that what Marsden has brought me is learning to be a better and more balanced person. Saying goodbye is always so hard but Marsden lifelong.
Yuelin Yao, 2018

Jo Burns

Head of Marsden Primary, Director of International Students
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I promise you won't regret studying at Marsden

Excerpt from leaving speech by Stephanie Pan, Year 13 from Beijing, China, 2016

When you do something for the first time, it leaves a deep impression. The first day I arrived in New Zealand was in late January 2015. The weather was absolutely gorgeous and the air I breathed in was so fresh. Compared to the air pollution in Beijing, Wellington is just like being in another world. I was surprised by how blue the sky was and how beautiful the views were.


How time has flown, it has been two years since I came to Wellington and studied at Marsden. Within two years, I made lots of friends at school and I got used to the school system in New Zealand. Now, I think Wellington has become my second home. Personally, studying in New Zealand has less pressure than studying in China, and I enjoy the time after school doing the things I like.


As an international student coming from a different culture, I understand how difficult it is for those who are new to Marsden and how confusing everything is. I felt the same way when I first arrived. However, through the massive support from my teachers and my homestay, everything became easier. 


The group of international students is growing in number just like a family, and I promise you won't regret it in a few years time when you stand in my place. 

Marsden has a special place in my heart, as every time I think of Marsden, it makes me think of home.
Stephanie Pan, 2016

Leigh McCathie

Enrolment Registrar
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