Learn more about studying at Marsden

Information Sessions

In June 2024, we will be holding information evenings to learn more about studying at Marsden in Year 7 and Year 9 in 2025. Registrations will open shortly.


Transition from early childhood education to Primary School

Children who have a positive transition from early childhood education into their new primary school environment are likely to be happy at school and improve their social and academic skills. Make an appointment with our Head of Primary, Jo Burns to discuss your child's transition to Marsden Primary and how we can support you as you prepare for this important milestone.


What sets Marsden Primary apart?

Make an appointment with our Head of Primary, Jo Burns to learn more about Marsden Primary School's curriculum and programmes, including iDeaL Structured Literacy, PR1ME Mathematics and Whole Cohort Arrowsmith.


Any questions?

If you have any questions about our PreschoolPrimary School, Middle School or Senior School learning and enrolments, or you would like to come for a personal tour or have your daughter spend a day in class, please contact our Enrolment Registrar Leigh McCathie.


If you’d like to catch up with a particular staff member, like Head of Primary Jo Burns, Head of Preschool Helen McConnell, Deputy Principal Jennifer Caldwell, Head of Middle School Dianne Smith, Principal Paula Wells or one of our co-curricular staff, we can organise that too. Just touch base with Leigh.