• 07 April 2016

Positive psychology starts with the brain

Zoe felt tense when Principal Jenny Williams put the sheeps brain into her hands, then she noticed it was cold and then she thought "Oh my goodness, I have a brain in my hands!"


Year 6 girls had an awesome encounter with a brain as part of their weekly Positive Psychology session with Jenny and Primary Director, Celia McCarthy. Jenny's background in teaching science was perfect for this workshop and the girls were highly engaged as they learnt how neurons in the brain send messages throughout the body.


This term they have been learning about Fixed and Growth Mindsets from the work and research of Carol Dweck. Today's session was designed to help our girls understand how their brains work and develop, and to recognise that by practice, repetition and learning from mistakes they can master their own learning processes - much like a baby learning to walk. 


They've also read picture books such as ISH and THE DOT to open up dialogue about what perfect looks like, and how our attitudes can support or hamper our success. With workshops like this we are confident we can help our girls to enjoy school and flourish.

Oh my goodness, I have a brain in my hands!
Zoe, Year 6