• 18 August 2017

Our biggest swim team in years triumphs

Super swimming result

Marsden's biggest swim team in recent years has triumphed at the CSW relay meet to win the Huia Cup. This is huge for our dedicated team of swimmers as the last time Marsden won the cup was 1993!

Congratulations to the team:

Natalie Cromwell
Tommi Davie
Mollie Dewar
Samantha Fowler
Zoe Hannah
Hannah Hull
Estee Jacobs
Gabriella Jacobs
Laura Jones
Tifffany Kenyon
Lea Muellner
Ana Nota
Jessica Seow
Laura Stewart
Grace Wala

We would like to particularly mention Laura Stewart, Head of Swimming, who led the team so well and a huge thank you to coach Steve Francis for his pre-event guidance.


What a fabulous result!