• 24 October 2017

Congratulations Leaders of 2018

It is always a huge moment in Term 4 when we announce our student leaders and this year is no exception as we warmly congratulate Bella O'Meeghan, our 2018 Head Girl! Her deputy will be Kate Dobson and they are joined by a fabulous team of girls. Congratulations to you all. We are looking forward to working with you next year!


We would also like to take this opportunity to thank Harriett Morrow, Neakiry Kivi and their Committee for the wonderful job they have done leading the school this year. 

Head Girl Bella O'Meeghan
Deputy Head Girl Kate Dobson
Sports Captain Imogen Skelton
Head of Service Amy Cooper
Chair of School Council Cici Davie
School Sacristan Briana King
Head of Primary School Thomasin McKenzie
Cultural  Captain Anjali Gentejohann
Heads of Activities Olivia Fox and Issie Warner
Baber Emma Hassell
Hadfield-Beere Lucy Brow
Jellicoe Charlotte McManus
Johnson Courtney King
Richmond Annabelle Jessop
Swainson-Riddiford Megan Fitness
Deputy Head of Service Rebekah Hartley
Deputy Chair School Council Maggie Dai
Deputy Head of Primary Lauren Benseman
Assistant Sacristans Alex Growcott and Claire Shue
Deputy Cultural Captain Amira Bajema
Deputy Sports Captain Ali Mitchell
Baber Rebecca Jordan
Georgina Peterson
Haddfield Beere Lucy Stevens
Ellie Vinaccia
Jellicoe Bella Standring
Alex Talbot
Johnson Elle Cordalis
Myfanwy Wong
Richmond Florence Barbalich
Abbie George
Swainson Riddiford Simran Bechan
Amira Bajema
School Photographers Ella Baigent-Brown and Myfanwy Wong
School Artists Natalie Chin and Stephanie Chin
Head Librarian Katie Mackenzie
Head of Music Sarah Philp-Wright
Magazine Editors Emily Dickinson/Fiona Jordan/Emma Wilson
Head of Technical Production Mila Ballara
Head of Peer Tutoring Bella Standring
Heads of Drama Abbie George / Thomasin McKenzie
Head of Debating Issie Warner
Heads of Social Media Group Emily Dickinson / Anastasia Theodorou
Heads of Science Committee Holly Milne/ Daniyah O’Grady /Lola Slaughter
Deputy Head Librarian Emma Wilson
Head of Marsden Feminists Annabelle Jessop
Deputy Heads of M Fems Tegan Martin / Sofia Newton-Urlich
Heads of Mathematics Committee Amy Cooper and Megan Lim
Heads of Languages Committee Simran Bechan/Sarah Philp-Wright/Olivia Fox
ICT Team leader Megan Lim
Head of International Students Simran Bechan
Deputy Head of International Students Yuelin Yao
Heads of Humanitarian Committee Evie Ferguson / Katie Mackenzie
Heads of Environment Committee Rebekah Hartley / Fiona Jordan
Head of Athletics and XCountry Imogen Skelton
Head of Badminton Leilani Fam
Head of Basketball Courtney King
Head of Cricket Charlotte McManus
Head of Dragon boating tbc
Head of Equestrian Ella Baigent-Brown
Head of Football Ali Mitchell
Head of Futsal Grace Henderson
Head of Floorball Rachel Bertschinger
Head of Hockey Georgina Peterson
Head of Junior Hockey Katie Mackenzie
Head of Netball Rebekah Hartley
Head of Junior Netball Courtney King
Head of Lacrosse Annabelle Jessop
Head of Lawn Bowls Rebecca Jordan
Head of Rowing Issie Warner
Head of Skiing Lauren Benseman
Head of Tennis Maggie Dai
Head of Touch Rugby Grace Henderson
Head of Volleyball Lily Fu
Head of Water Sports Molly Dewar
Leader of Altissime Briana King
Leaders of Ad Summa Chorale Amira Bajema / Megan Fitness
School Pianist Lily Fu
Leader of Symphony Sarah Philp-Wright
Leaders of Handbells Kate Dobson / Hannah Summers
Leader of Piano Ensemble Anjali Gentejohann
Leader of Flute Group Annabelle Jessop
Leaders of Guitar Group Amy Cooper / Lucy Brow
Leader of Barbershop Myfanwy Wong and Emma Wilson

Year 7 – 9 Form Monitors

Natalie Chin Emily Dickinson Alex Growcott Rebekah Hartley Grace Henderson Rebecca Jordan Ali Mitchell Daniyah O’Grady Sarah Philp-Wright Claire Shue Lucy Stevens Ellie Vinaccia
Primary School Form Monitors Lauren Benseman Stephanie Chin Elle Cordalis Evie Ferguson Holly Milne
Lola Slaughter Anastasia Theodorou