• 12 July 2018

Artist opens students' eyes to photographic process

The culmination of a residency, workshop and student collaborations came together in a hugely satisfying exhibition, for Bridget Reweti, our 2018 Artist in Residence, at the end of June. Her TIPU exhibition at the NZ Portrait Gallery explored and documented the flora and fauna found around Marsden in Karori.


During her time with us Bridget developed a body of work for this exhibition while working with art students at various year levels opening their eyes to the creative photographic process. She also held a wonderful workshop with students from Marsden and other local schools making cyanotype prints. One of the beautiful things to watch was the students' delight in the photographic process as the magic happens and the images arise in the wash tank.


Bridget says that she 'enjoys spending time outside and making Art' and it was obvious she passed this joy on to these lucky students!

 IMG_0317-Y7 art-4web.jpg

Thank you Bridget for the time you spent with us, you have passed on your knowledge and we have loved having you at Marsden.