• 28 June 2018

Five College Contest

Marsden sports teams travelled to the Wairarapa for this year's Pentangular Tournament at St Matthews, along with other visiting teams from Iona College, Nga Tawa and Woodford House. It was the first time for many of the Year 9 and 10 girls to be billeted with host families and they really enjoyed the experience.


On the sportsground, the Marsden netball team played consistently well and made a clean sweep winning all games, while hockey won one game and a draw was the best result for our footballers. Overall Marsden finished the tournament in second place.

 IMG_2534-netball-4web.jpg  Hockey - Kate-4web.jpg

Here's a full roundup of our results:

vs Iona - Won 26-16
vs Woodford House - Won 43-18
vs St Matthews - Won 29-17
vs Nga Tawa - Won 58-10
vs Iona - Lost 0-3
vs Woodford House - Lost 0-2
vs St Matthews - Lost 0-3
vs Nga Tawa - Won 1-0
vs Iona - Drew 1-1
vs Woodford House - Lost 0-1
vs St Matthews - Lost 4-1
 IMG_2225-shaking hands with ref-4web.jpg

Our contingent left Masterton just before snow threatened to close the Rimutaka Hill road. Thank you to hosts St Matthews and to Iona, Nga Tawa and Woodford House for another very enjoyable sporting contest!