• 22 June 2018

A trip down memory lane

Primary and Preschool students celebrated Marsden's 140th Year with a special Chapel Service, old fashioned games and Birthday cake.


Our students loved playing marbles, knuckle bones, hopscotch, egg and spoon relays, elastics, quoits, sack races, jump rope and hand clapping games. Refreshingly new to our students, for some of us a 'trip down memory lane!'



Hand clapping games



After game time we moved to the Cultural Centre which had been decorated with blue and green balloons and featured a table with a beautiful 140th Anniversary cake on it. The look on our students faces when they saw this, was just priceless. We all sang 'happy birthday Marsden' and then it was tasting time. The picture says it all. 

 100816-waiting for cake-4web.jpg  101619-eating cake-4web.jpg  102045-Narelle and Sami-4web.jpg

A visit by special guest Marsden mascot, Sami, topped off a joyous morning of celebration.


The video captures some of the spirit of the day.