• 01 October 2019

A Special Day for Grandparents

Grandparents Day is a special event in the Marsden Primary and Preschool calendar as we value the role grandparents play in the lives of our students. This year we had over 100 special guests join us on the last Thursday of the term.


The day commenced with a church service at St Mary's, followed by morning tea in the Primary library and foyer. Thanks to our wonderful parents who provided delicious home baking for our enjoyment.


Sharing work in classroom

After morning tea, guests spent time with the students in their classrooms where cololurful portraits of Grandparents adorned the walls and students shared their work. Some Grandfathers read stories to Year 1, they were very animated and funny, and our young girls loved this!

 IMG-1133-chapel choir-4web.jpg

Junior Choir

The highlight of the day was a concert in the auditorium showcasing performances of Chinese dance, Year 4 violin recital, and our junior choir as well as something special from each year group.

 IMG_3562-1 (1)-4web.jpg

Year 1 perform 'The Little Red Hen'


Year 5 artwork

  • Year 1 - performed a play "The Little Red Hen" giving it their own twist by adding unicorns, puppies, cats and sheep to the cast. The girls wrote their own lines which made the play unique and quite funny!
  • Year 2 - Read "What is special about their Grandparents"
  • Year 3 - Recited a poem that they wrote about what it would be like "being a Grandmother in the future"
  • Year 4 - Read a variety of poems they had written about Grandparents
  • Year 5 - Presented a PowerPoint about Claudia Pond Eyley their artist model and shared haiku poems they had written about their art
  • Year 6 - Performed a skit about the history of Marsden and shared facts about each era.

It was a great show! The special day concluded with a sit-down lunch in the Cultural Centre. We loved having Grandparents and special guests with us for the day and appreciate all that they add to our students' world. Thank you all for coming.