• 23 June 2020

Finally Celebrating our Athletics Day Award winners

The COVID-19 shutdown put our school assemblies on hold for a while, but yesterday we were finally able to present the 2020 Marsden Athletics Day Awards. What joy to be able to celebrate our students' achievements together again.


Our Athletics Day was held in February and we had a 95% attendance, 4% higher than last year, so well done to everyone who participated.


Hannah Patterson broke the Junior 100m Championship record set in 2010 by Briana Egley (13.57s), setting a new record of 13.47s.


Special congratulations to all of the girls who received awards and to Baber House for the overall house points win.

 Junior Athletics Winners 2020  
 100m  Hannah Patterson  Bock Cup
 200m  Asha Todd  Stocker Cup
 1500m  Asha Todd  Green Cup
 Long jump  Lucy Price  Pharazyn Cup
 High jump  Asha Todd  Hawker Cup
 Discus  Scout Douglas  
 Shotput  Isabella Boyer  
 Vortex  Carys Seddon  
 2020 Junior Athletics Champion  
 3rd place  Scout Douglas  
 Runner Up  Lucy Price  
 Champion  Asha Todd  Curtis Cup


 Intermediate Athletics Winners 2020
 100m  Analin Rudd  Robertshawe Cup
 200m  Analin Rudd  
 400m  Kate Yu  
 800m  Kate Yu  
 1500m  Phoebe Gray  
 3000m  Phoebe Gray  
 High jump   Kate Yu  Franklin Cup
 Long Jump  Analin Rudd  Cronquest Cup
 Triple jump  Analin Rudd  
 Discus  Analin Rudd  
 Shot put  Tamari Peseta  
 Javelin  Phoebe Gray  
 2020 Intermediate Athletics Champion
 Runner Up  Kate Yu  
 Champions  Analin Rudd & Phoebe Gray  Crockett Cup


 Senior Athletics Winners 2020
 100m  Mimi Edlund  Wilsone Cup
 200m   Mimi Edlund  Ashwell Cup
 400m  Dela Salayeva  Lee Cup
 800m  Estee Jacobs  Dunning Salver Cup
 1500m  Estee Jacobs  
 3000m  Saskia Knox  
 Long jump  Mimi Edlund  Bothamley Cup
 Triple jump  Emma Holden  Jull Cup
 High jump  Lulu McIver  Russell Rose Bowl
 Discus  Harriet Mills  Medlicott  Cup
 Shot put  Mimi Edlund  Mawson Cup
 Javelin  Araraina Takuira-Mita  
 2020 Senior Athletics Champion
 3rd place  Araraina Takuia-Mita  
 Runner Up  Estee Jacobs  
 Champion  Mimi Edlund  Old Girls' Cup


Other Results
 4x 100m Class relay  Year 7 & 8  8RM  
   Year 9 & 10  9FS  
   Year 11-13  Year 13  Collie Cup
 House Relay  Junior  Johnson  
   Intermediate  Johnson  
   Senior  Richmond  Gaisford Cup
 March past  3rd  Hadfield-Beere  
   2nd  Jellicoe  
   Winner  Richmond  
 2020 Athletics Day House Champions
 399 points Baber   Ward Cup


Well done everyone and a special thank you to our Sports Department and other members of staff for running a great athletics day.