• 05 March 2020

Marsden Preschool Bike and Scooter Day

Marsden Preschool students have been continuing their investigation into transport this week, by having a Bike Day. All the children brought in their wheels and, most importantly, their helmets which they decorated with colourful streamers that flew behind them in the wind. 

 IMG_0356-bike day-group on stairs-4web.jpg  IMG_0358-bike day hands in air-4web.jpg

With a wiggly path to follow, one by one, our students went scootering and biking across the courts, some fast and some slow and it was exciting to see the level of confidence increasing as the day went on


An important message for the day was road safety and keeping ourselves and others safe when on wheels or on foot. Students also practiced crossing a 'pretend' pedestrian crossing, looking left/right/left, recognising different road signs and what they mean.... "Twinkle, twinkle traffic light... standing on the corner bright".