• 17 August 2021

Anne Field to retire at the end of 2021

After an outstanding career, Marsden ‘legend’ Anne Field has announced that she will be retiring at the end of the year. Anne has worked at Marsden for over 30 years, but her association with the school extends back even further, to 1970 when she joined Marsden as a student in Year 9, finishing Year 13 in 1974 as House Captain of Johnson.


Anne’s teaching career at Marsden began in 1983 when she spent two years as a Year 7 form teacher, before taking time out to have her three children and returning in 1992. As a teacher of Economics, Geography, and (occasionally) Maths, and a long-time member of the school leadership team with overall responsibility for pastoral care, Anne has positively impacted the lives of countless Marsden students and families, often in times of difficulty or crisis. It is hard to imagine the school without her calm, warm and caring presence.

Anne was encouraged to take up her first leadership roles in the school by Principal Jenny Button, and began her journey outside the classroom with a 10 year stint as Careers Advisor before moving into leadership roles in pastoral care. As Dean of Year 13 for many years, she has been critical in guiding our senior students through their final years at school, and knowing each of them well enough to write the outstanding references which have helped so many of them gain places in the halls of their choice.

On the co-curricular side, Anne has been involved in water polo, underwater hockey, hockey and rowing, and even managed the Marsden ski team for 5 years.

I made the decision at the beginning of the year that 2021 would be my final year. I have loved every minute of my time at Marsden, and never wanted to teach anywhere else.
Anne Field, August 2021

Anne said “I made the decision at the beginning of the year that 2021 would be my final year. I have loved every minute of my time at Marsden, and never wanted to teach anywhere else. We are moving to Waikanae and I have a young grandson, but I am delighted to be able to formally continue my association with Marsden as a Board member of the Marsden Foundation.”

Principal Narelle Umbers said “Anne is one of the most special people whom I have had the opportunity to work with. She knows everyone, cares about everyone, and is a kind and supportive colleague to all. Due to the nature of her role, few people understand the complexity of the issues Anne deals with on a daily basis, but I see it all, and I am full of admiration for her resilience, professionalism and integrity. If my daughter was needing pastoral care, I would want Anne to be on her team.”

A current Marsden parent recently commented “Anne's kindness, perceptiveness and responsiveness were beyond what I think any other school would be able to provide. What a blessing Anne is to Marsden.” We couldn’t agree more, and look forward to farewelling Anne in a way that befits her outstanding contribution to the school.


Appointment of Caroline Robertson as Head of Senior School

Caroline Robertson - new Head of Senior School

We are delighted to announce that Caroline Robertson has been appointed to the new role of Head of Senior School, commencing in 2022. Caroline will work with the Year 11 – 13 Deans to continue Anne’s legacy of exceptional pastoral care for our senior students, and we warmly congratulate her on this appointment.