2021 Head Girls' Committee with Principal, Narelle Umbers and Pastoral Director, Anne Field
  • 09 February 2021

Leadership Communion and Assembly

Marsden Year 13s formally took on the mantle of leadership this morning at our special induction communion and assembly. They are bursting with ideas for 2021! 

 DSC_0336-Paige, Ara, Narelle-4web.jpg

Principal Narelle Umbers, with Head Girl, Paige Martin and Deputy Head Girl, Araraina Takuira-Mita

Ms Umbers spoke of the importance of being an authentic leader and these girls are proud and excited to bring a sense of personal flavour to their many diverse roles.


2021 Marsden Year 13s

Watch short video below of induction service.

We look forward to working with them this year.