• 31 May 2021

Marsden’s outstanding Chicago – the High School Edition

Congratulations to the cast and crew of Marsden's production 'Chicago - the High School Edition' – what an amazing show you have given us this week. With stunning performances, sensational singing, deft dancing, clever staging, mood lighting, and slick scene changes, you have all worked together to produce a truly memorable show. 

 2021 05-21 Marsden Chicago Rehearsal 139-4web.jpg 
Marsden’s production of ‘Chicago’ this week has been truly outstanding. I offer my warmest congratulations to all of the students and staff involved. Your hard work, creativity and talent have brought joy to so many members of our wider community this week. Thank you also to all of our wonderful parents who have supported the production in so many ways.
Narelle Umbers, Principal
 2021 05-21 Marsden Chicago Rehearsal 124-4web.jpg

A show like this would not have been possible without the hours and hours of directorial and production input from our amazing staff, especially Director, Dianne Smith; Producers, Sarah Wilson and Louise Kleingeld and Musical Director, Richard Kleingeld. The talented cast went above and beyond, working hard to perfect their performances, and behind the scenes student choreographers, set painters, costumers, lighting and sound crew did a fabulous job to help make the show such a success!

 2021 05-21 Marsden Chicago Rehearsal 284-2-4web.jpg

These comments from some of the cast and crew sum up their experiences up brilliantly:

  • "I love that we were able to create connections with people in other year groups. Rehearsals were always enjoyable and I loved how they were collaborative. There was a real camaraderie between cast and crew members and it really felt like a team effort."
  • "It made me feel like I was contributing to a team and that we were working to achieve something great."
  • "I loved seeing it all come together and seeing the audience's reaction to the production because it showed that the hard work paid off well. It was also a great way to get closer with people backstage and just have fun."


Well done on a superb team effort, you truly gave us the razzle dazzle!


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