• 10 May 2021

Creating Connections

Marsden's Head Girls Committee and Wellbeing Squad really brought their A game to Spirit Week with heaps of enthusiasm and some great planning. Staff and students all received a detailed plan for the week so we knew what was coming... hair braiding, student/teacher debate, comfy clothes/Zumba day, and a Mr Whippy finale on Friday! 

 20210503_124749-braiding-4web.jpg  20210506_084516-zumba-4web.jpg

They also introduced the hilarious new 'Peg Game' requiring stealth and a steady hand! The aim: Receive a peg with a name on it, peg that person and get their peg - the person with the most pegs wins! Congratulations to Phoebe who collected 30 pegs, Charlotte with 27 and Arabella collected 24 individually and 62 with a group!

 20210505_083216-peg game players-4web.jpg 
The Peg Game brought a lot of friendly competition, and encouraged everyone to go and find someone from another year group - really fitting with this year's theme of Inclusivity and Togetherness!
Paige Martin, Head Girl
 20210505_083245-peg game-4web.jpg

Head Girl Paige Martin, Deputy Araraina Takuira-Mita and Jade Otway

Looking back on the week Head Girl Paige and Deputy Ara said they "were thrilled to see everybody getting involved with the various activities and spending time with students from other year groups! It was a great way to kick-start Term 2 with school spirit and enthusiasm."


It was a great week, thank you girls! and thank you to everyone who took part and helped start the term in such a fun and inclusive way.