• 17 November 2021

2021 Prizegiving, a unique celebration of achievements

Due to COVID restrictions, Marsden's 2021 Prizegiving last night was a unique celebration of the achievements of our senior students. With pre-recorded cultural performances and the benefit of livestream technology we were able to showcase the exceptional talent and commitment of our girls. We are so proud of you all! 

We are delighted to announce that our supreme academic award winner and Marsden Dux for 2021 is Ruby Barton. Proxime Accessit to the Dux is Keisha Wong and Paige Martin receives the Alice Bowater Memorial Award.

Paige also receives Marsden's highest character award, the Kindness Cup and the Blundell Cup for outstanding service goes to Cassia Percival-Day.

Marsden Dux and 2021 top prizewinners


See the prize list below (in order of announcement):

Year 11 Prizes
Special Awards in Year 11
Excellence in Attitude to Learning Award   Penelope Favel
Alana Johnston
Amy Slessor
Fisher Cup for Academic progress in Year 11   Sana Mori
Marsden Community Award
For effort, achievement and contribution to the life of the school.
  Adia Kaletla
The Gillian Eadie Award  
This award acknowledges innovation.
  Charlotte Cinque, Jemima Jackson, Connie  McLauchlan and Alexandra More
For their success in the EVolocity Electric Vehicle Building Challenge, where they constructed a cart from recycled materials.
Ad Summa Cup
The Ad Summa spirit allows an individual to make a tangible difference to a group. It involves courage, positive change and the motivation of others to give of their best. It is about influencing, inspiring and being a prime mover.
  Caroline Jones
Academic Awards General Academic Excellence Arushi Bhatnagar Stewart
Louisa Boyer
Amelia Cave
Joyce Chan
Sifan Huang
Ruby O’Connor
Chloe Sim
Eva Tunnicliffe
Sophie McClintock
Caroline Jones
Emily Wong


Year 12 Prizes
Special Awards in Year 12
Excellence in Attitude to Learning Award   Trinity Anorpong
Emma Egley
Charlotte Jones
Ingram Mann Cup
This cup is awarded to a year 12 student who has made good academic progress and contributed to sporting and cultural activities.
  Ella Robertson
Absolutely Positively Wellington Student Award for  the Student Volunteer Army
This award is presented by the Wellington City Council to a student or group of students who have contributed to the community by outstanding action.
  Rebecca Ngan and Senanya Gamalath
Student Volunteer Army Top Volunteer Award
This award is presented by the Student Volunteer Army to the student who has logged the most volunteer hours over the year.
  Shenaya Rajasekera
Marsden Community Award
For effort, achievement and contribution to the life of the school.
  Maya Catley 
Academic Awards at Year 12 Old Girls Association Awards  Molly Player
Yuki Man
Mila Smith
  General Academic Excellence Tilly Dassanayake
Pippa Fletcher
Lauren Healy
Irene Jiang
Natalie More
School Bursar Awards
For exceptional academic achievement
  Senanya Gamalath
Jade Stapleton
Shuhan Yi 


Year 13 Prizes
House Awards    
House Cups Ross Cup for Sport Johnson - Keira Banks
  Smail Cup for Merit Marks Baber - Grace Chan
  West Kirby Cup for Cultural Activities Jellicoe - Paige Gibson
Leadership Awards House Captain of Baber Grace Chan
  House Captain of Hadfield-Beere Isabella Wickremesekera
  House Captain of Jellicoe Paige Gibson
  House Captain of Johnson Keira Banks
  House Captain of Richmond Josephine Morrison
  House Captain of Swainson-Riddiford Petra Tindle
Isobel Campbell Prize to the Sports Captain   Thomasina Davie 
Chair of School Council    Keisha Wong 
School Sacristan & Bishop’s Medal   Cassandra Truscott
Cultural Captain    Anabel Jamieson
Head of Marsden Primary    Francesca Favel
Student Head of Wellbeing    Kezia Shepherd 
Head of Activities   Yestin Ojala
Head of Service   Grace Kerr 
Deputy Head Girl   Araraina Takuira-Mita
Head Girl    Paige Martin 
Zoe During Award for Social Justice
The Zoe During award is awarded to a student who is prepared to be outspoken and take action in alleviating suffering and inequality.
  Araraina Takuira-Mita and Samantha Young 
For Service to the School   Madeleine Barrett
Rebecca Cho
Michelle Gu
Ella Liu
Amy Nathanson
Kasia O’Meara
Jade Otway
Isabel Possenniskie
Caitlin Stapleton
Rebecca Stewart 
Blundell Cup, the school’s highest service award
This is one of the oldest school cups first awarded in 1934. It is presented to a Year 13 student who has given outstanding service to the school.
  Cassia Percival-Day
Patricia Valentine Cup for School Musician   Isabella Wickremesekera and Amy Nathanson 
The Centenary Salver for School Sport    Araraina Takuira-Mita 
Excellence in Attitude to Learning Award   Hannah Hull
Laura Jones
Charlotte Matthews 
Academic Awards    
The Ames Prize for Design Technology   Francesca Favel
Parents Association Prize in Visual Arts    Ella Liu
The Letteri Award for Senior Writing   Ruby Barton
The Cup for Engagement in the Sciences 
This award acknowledges the importance of curiosity and engagement across the scientific disciplines
  Ruby Barton
The Prize for Creative and Critical Thinking
This award acknowledges the importance of creative and critical thinking across disciplines.
  Ruby Barton
Jean Gilmer Award
For a hand painted or drawn scientific illustration, the award links the historical recording of observations by scientists with our current collaboration between Science and the Visual Arts.
  Michelle Gu
Highly Commended    Anabel Jamieson
Josephine Morrison
Isabel Possenniskie
Rachel Price
Cassandra Truscott 
Old Girls’ Association School Leavers’ Awards    Grace Kerr
Yestin Ojala
Alexandra Speer 
The School Bursar Awards    Michelle Gu
Kindness Cup, the school’s highest character award 
This cup recognizes someone of good character – gentle, thoughtful and with strong Christian principles.  It is Marsden’s highest character award.
  Paige Martin
Alice Bowater Memorial Award is an award for academic excellence, given to a student going to university the following year who will “bring honour to her school by her work and conduct”.    Paige Martin
Proxime Accessit to the Dux   Keisha Wong
The Samuel Marsden Collegiate School Dux for 2022    Ruby Barton 

Paige Martin's valedictory spoke volumes about the inclusiveness of the Year 13 year group. Thank you Paige for wrapping up the year so beautifully.

We also said a special thank you to outgoing Board Chair, Cheryl Middelkoop for her service and commitment to Marsden over the years. Juliet Dobson has been elected as the new Management Board Chair and Jaime Fitzgerald becomes our first Deputy Chair.


Principal Narelle Umbers spoke of her special time at Marsden in her final address to the Marsden community and in her final prizegiving, retiring Pastoral Care Director Anne Field made a presentation to every Year 13 student – a cherished memory for all. 


Once again, congratulations to Ruby and all our prize winners, you are all stars!