• 16 March 2022

Everyone gets a row at NISS

Twenty-one Marsden students, along with our wonderful coaches and parent-help, travelled to Lake Karapiro for the 2022 NISS competition. For our novice rowers this was their first major regatta, and only the second regatta of the season. 

 8x at the start-4web.jpg  Marsden set up at NISS-4web.jpg

The weather was rough the first day and there were many delays and schedule changes, but the girls showed resilience, perseverance, courage and teamwork and everyone had a chance to get on the water for at least one race. 

 Octi on water-4web.jpg  Very hot at NISS-4web.jpg

We were so proud of how the girls encouraged and supported one another and look forward now to watching the seniors compete at Maadi at the end of March.