• 03 July 2023

Term 2 ends on a high note

Our busy Term 2 closed on a high note with many students participating in the varied events the Head Student Committee had planned for Spirit and Multi-Cultural Week

Peg Game / Hair Braiding

Spirit Week started on Monday with the peg game which has become an annual tradition. The goal of the game is to put a clothes peg on as many people as possible, without being pegged yourself! With over 180 people playing this year, it was a fun, noisy and super competitive opportunity for students across all year levels to play and get to know each other. The overall winner with an impressive 48 pegs was Abby in Year 13. 


Hair Braiding

If the peg game wasn't your thing, Year 13 students were ready and waiting in the music corridor at lunchtime to braid your hair with beads. Head Girl, Caroline Jones commented:

It’s a great way to show your spirit for the week, and as an added bonus you get to have your hair looking super cute! It was awesome to see everyone walking around with their braids.

Scavenger Hunt


On Tuesday there was a scavenger hunt set up around the school with 8 creative clues leading students on to find and decipher the magic word 'Non nobis'. Winners received a lollipop.

Multi-cultural Day


Our multicultural day on Wednesday a was riot of colour; students dressed in their cultural clothing looked stunning.  We were also able to sample a variety of different international foods during lunch as a part of our cultural food fair. It was wonderful to see everyone representing their culture with pride.

 IMG_4876-4web.jpg  IMG_4838-4web.jpg  Cultural-day-1-4web.jpg

Continuing into Thursday, thanks to Akshara, Izzy, Arushi and the Year 12/13 Chinese class, we were treated to beautiful cultural performances during assembly. 

 IMG_4894-Y12-13 Chinese Class-4web.jpg

Mr Whippy


One of the highlights of the week, and a definite favourite with the junior students was a visit from Mr Whippy on Thursday! We were fortunate it was beautiful weather, just perfect to enjoy a soft-freeze ice cream.

 MrWhippy-7-4web.jpg  MrWhippy-8-4web.jpg  MrWhippy-4-CarolineJ-4web.jpg

'Bring anything but a Bag' Day

To wrap up the week of fun events on Friday students were tasked with the challenge to 'Bring anything but a Bag' to school. Some of their solutions were highly creative, if a little impractical! 

 Bag-1-4web.jpg  Bag-3-4web.jpg  Bag-4-4web.jpg

Netball Friendly

And finally, there was an inter-school challenge with Wellington College prefects who came to Marsden for a friendly netball game at lunchtime as a fundraiser for Lifeline. The game was close with WC winning 21:19. There was plenty of support for the Year 13 players, and in Caroline's words: "It was the perfect way to finish off the week"!


Thank you to our Head Girl Caroline Jones, her Deputy Sarah Guiney and the students of the HSC for organising such an enjoyable Spirit and Multi-Cultural Week. It was a fabulous way to end Term 2.