HOD Visual Arts Kathryn Cotter, Artist Marci Tackett, Art teacher Kaz Bartsch
  • 27 June 2023

Exhibition opening a vibrant occasion

The opening of our Artist in Residence exhibition C.M.Y. Cake on Friday night was a vibrant occasion, and the culmination of Marci Tackett's six-week residency at Marsden. It was a chance for us to showcase her beautiful prints and the fabulous work she did with our students.

 20230623_171605-Kathrynviewingart-4web.jpg  20230623_173628-Marci-students-crowd-4web.jpg  20230623_171859-student-artwork2-4web.jpg

Head of Visual Arts, Kathryn Cotter, welcomed guests with a brief introduction and an announcement that Marci's tenure marked 25 years since the Artist in Residence Programme at Marsden was initiated. So it was especially lovely to see our very first Artist in Residence from 1999, photographer Adrienne Martyn, in attendance.

 20230623_180501-Kathryn-welcome-Marci-4web.jpg  20230623_180753-Marci-Tackett-address-4web.jpg

Marci spoke about her creative process using printer inks, which led to the name of the exhibition C.M.Y. Cake (C=cyan, M=magenta and K=yellow). She thanked Marsden for the opportunity saying "how much she enjoyed working with the students and staff, and it was a lovely environment to work in".


We also heard from Year 9 students Antonia and Anastasia about learning the printing techniques. Antonia said "the experience was very enjoyable, and Marci was nice to work with" adding in a humorous aside that "printing with yellow ink was awful!" Reminding us that the creative process does not always run smoothly!

 20230623_180650-Antonia-Anastasia-Kathryn-Marci2-4web.jpg  20230623_171819-Y9LithographyPlates-4web.jpg

Marci's art is for sale and her exhibition runs daily until 9 July from 10am-5pm at the NZ Academy of Fine Arts, 1 Queens Wharf, Wellington. It is well worth a visit.