• 18 October 2023

Understanding the past to build the future

Marsden Primary students in Years 1, 2 and 3 visited the Settlers Museum in Petone as part of their unit of inquiry, 'Past, Present, Future Inventions'. 

 IMG_2404-Maori and modern drink bottles-4web .jpg

Comparing a Māori drinking bottle with a modern one

Our ākonga explored inventions from early Māori and early European Settlers' and how these were used in the past. Asking has technology changed these inventions over time?

 Jessica's bag invention-4web.jpg

Creating a backpack from ''recycled' materials

Our students had a fabulous time being 'inventors' and also learning harakeke (flax weaving) techniques. 


Thank you to the wonderful staff at the Settlers Museum for making our visit so enjoyable and informative.